Monthly Archives: February 2009

Investment News – Week 1 of the Recovery Special

Investment News – Recovery Special Welcome to investment news, the first week of my ‘5 Week Recovery Special’ where we’ll be looking at what’s being done and how (or if) it’s working. First up, we’ll take a look at Northern Rock and I’ll explain what I mean when I say they’re the bank who are “first […]

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Investment News – Looking long-term in a build-to-order market

Investment News – Looking long term, They say “no news is good news” and I had to do some serious sniffing around this week to dig up some original stories for you. We’ll be taking a look at build-to-order property market and how developers are now basing their business on this new model and what […]

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Investment News – The worst recession or part of the cycle?

Investment News – Is this the worse recession? Welcome to this week’s video market update! Glad to have you back! People from various investment news outlets have been calling it the worst recession since the war, etc. Are they right? Is what’s happening now just a normal part of the property cycle? Or is there […]

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