Monthly Archives: August 2009

Property Investment News: Could the recession end by September 2009?

Property Investment News – My question in this week’s property investment news is… could this be the end of the technical recession? Find out what this means to you as a property investor. Again there are tons of headlines on government income and expenditure. We look at how income is falling while public borrowing is […]

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Property Investment News – Quantitative easing slows as economy improves

This week… Lots of positive data came out this week, not just from the property experts but from various government departments. We take a look at unemployment and why you shouldn’t fear any impact the figures may have on your property investments. We see quantitative easing slowed down as economy improves and the bank is […]

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The tale of two properties and turning lemons into lemonade

The tale of two properties I had an interesting last week. I was looking at remortgaging one of my investment properties in London and another in Manchester. Both have substantial equity and I really just wanted to move to a different product as the discounted period had run out and their standard variable wasn’t that […]

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Property Investment News: Are we over the recession?

Is the recession over? It’s been amazing to see more positive news then negative over the last three to four months. But as the market flattens, arguments have emerged between economists and property professionals on whether we are finally at the stage of recovery. Find out my thoughts in this week’s property investment news.

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Property Investment News – House price rise of 0.1%; first for 18 months

The land registry figures out yesterday show a house price rise of 0.1%. This is significant because land registry is the only major index that tracks government data and in particular the contract prices of property sold. While other indexes track only mortgage applications, this is the only index that has prices actually paid including […]

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