Monthly Archives: September 2009

Investment News – £130bn to save UK banks

Investment News – Slow and steady progress We’ve just wrapped up a very busy week, culminating in a fantastic book launch at Borders, Charing Cross. If you didn’t make it down then check out the video on our blog. A big thank you for those who’ve purchased the 3+1 Plan book. We are still on […]

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Property Investment Advice – Pensions – Property is promising investment

An attractive option for your pension. The good news about recent property performances seems to have even filtered through to those in charge of managing pensions. A recent survey carried out by the publication Pensions Week found that property was the most promising alternative investment class for the next five years along with commodities. UK […]

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Property Investment News – UK growth as purchasing managers boost economy

Property Investment News – We’re beginning to see growth Welcome to this week’s property news. I am afraid we’ve had technical issues with the camera so I’ve been out of most of the video. I am still there, you just can’t see me. This week we’ll learn why the UK is back in growth. We’ll […]

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Investment News – Banks get richer at investors expense

Investment News – Banks increase profit margins Welcome to this week’s investment news. Today, we uncover just how much the banks are making from us as we’re told of their increased profit margins. We’ll compare SVR (see investment news here) to LIBOR (London Inter Bank Offered Rate) and work out exactly how little benefits they’ve passed […]

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