Monthly Archives: October 2009

For the record: Clarifying The 3+1 Plan book

Calrifying somthing, It’s an interesting experience releasing a book. It’s both gratifying and frustrating. Gratifying when people read it and get value from it; frustrating when people don’t read it, and instead make assumptions about what they presume is in it. (I’m talking primarily about journalists and industry commentators here.) Understand that I’m not blaming […]

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Investment News – Which road to recovery are we on?

Investment News – Road to where? I’m blown away by the number of articles on house prices this week and ask ‘Are prices really rising or is it just lack of supply?’ There’s definitely a rise and it’s helping to boost confidence, but be warned the economy maybe subdued due to mortgage availability.

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Off-plan property results already showing in London & UK

Results Showing Well I think it’s safe to say that I called the right time to jump back into off-plan property. In addition to most professionals calling the bottom and the subsequent recovery, the last 3 months have seen various off plan developments releasing further phases at prices as much as 12.8% higher. To put […]

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Are house prices rising? Or is it a lack of supply?

What are house prices doing? It’s the big question on everyone’s lips. Are house prices rising? Is what the property experts saying true? Prices have just returned to 2008 prices which makes Ray Boulger from Charcoal the only expert to be correct out of all the experts I surveyed at the beginning of the year. […]

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