Monthly Archives: January 2010

Investment News – SVR reversal causes for Skipton Building customers

Investment News – SVR Reversal The question on everyone’s lips is: Should small prints be made bigger? Customers from Skipton Building Society are fuming after news broke that their SVR ceiling will be scrapped. The building society previously promised its borrowers that the SVR would never be more than 3% above the Bank of England […]

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Off-Plan Property – The best property strategy

Off-Plan Property – The best strategy New build off-plan property is now a strategy whose time has come. For the past three years, it has carried too much risk in most circumstances and therefore it was to be avoided. The main reason that this off plan property strategy was to be avoided was that since […]

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Property Investment Tips – The benefits of regeneration areas

Regeneration areas . . . I was speaking with a client the other day, and we were discussing his next property investment and got on the subject of lower end areas with massive regeneration programmes in place. He was hesitant about the regeneration area that was in the east side of  and commented that it was […]

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How airlines affect holiday let property

This past year has been a testing time for airlines . . . According to the media one million Christmases were at risk if the British Airways strike had gone ahead. This was only avoided by a last minute court injunction and just when it all looked well, Scotland’s largest airline Flyglobespan went bust leaving […]

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Property Investment News – 2010 UK House Price Predictions

2010’s House Price Pedictions Once again I am going to look to a range of property experts across the UK and the world and see what the consensus is on 2010 UK House Price Predictions. Congratulations to the winning expert of the 2009 UK House Price Predictions – Ray Boulger from Charcoal.

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