Monthly Archives: March 2010

Investment News – a pre-election budget to win Labour votes?

Investment News – New budget going into the electionFollowing yesterday’s budget speech from Alistair Darling, we look at some of today’s headlines… Stamp duty cut for first-time buyers – is this really a good strategy to bring them onto the market, or a way to prop up house prices to the £250k threshold? High earners are […]

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Beware of buying assets with ‘obscure’ securities

The dangers of obscure securities This past two years I have spent many hours helping clients out who have bought properties through a multitude of property companies. Now this in itself isn’t wrong, but the mistake they have made is that the investment properties are based on ‘obscure’ securities. Buying assets with obscure securities OK, […]

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My property portfolio nightmares!

The worst things to happen to my portfolio It might be a scary headline but I was asked at a CEO round table the other day what ‘horrific’ things have happened to my investment property portfolio. I think that they expected me to tell them horrific stories of how I regretted being involved with buy-to-let investment. […]

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How many properties before your portfolio runs on its own?

How many properties does it take? A great question from one of my property investors: Hi Brett A little question was nagging me today Brett. In the current property investment circumstances, how many properties (or in cash terms if you prefer) do you consider as being the “tipping point” for a momentum to ensuring one […]

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Are we facing a double-dip recession?

Investment Blog – Double dippingWelcome to this week’s investment blog, so are we facing a double-dip recession, should property investors be worried? We’ve been talking about a house price stall for a while and now into its second month, arguments have emerged on whether we’ll be facing a double-dip recession. As people fear the worst, […]

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