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Property Investment Advice – Presenteeism: why it’s lethal to a Set and Forget property portfolio

Property Investment Advice – Just set and forget . . . Not too long ago I was having lunch with one of my best mates, Craig Spence in a Sydney restaurant overlooking the Opera House and Harbour Bridge on the beautiful last day before the winter weather set in. In the conversation, Craig taught me […]

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Property Investment News – The Financial News profiles the British Enterprise Bank

BEP makes it to the FT Wealthy investors in the Middle and Far East are being sought out by a bunch of altruistic hedge fund managers, not to pour money into their equity long-short strategies this time, but to help out struggling businesses in the UK .The British Enterprise Bank, led by Jono Shorrock, a […]

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Property Investment Guide – Property strategy: your key to investment success

Strategies to open the doors to your portfolio . . . The strategy you choose for your property investment is hands down one of the most important aspects of your portfolio. It dictates the what, when and where and how of purchasing property. At Gladfish we have a unique tried and tested approach to building […]

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Property Investment Advice – Is your property portfolio heading in the right direction?

Is your portfolio chasing your vision . . . It’s not enough just to own investment property, you need to have a plan to ensure your portfolio is working to help you achieve your goals. Building a portfolio isn’t something that happens overnight, it may seem daunting at first but with the help of your Portfolio […]

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Education and emotional intelligence: two foundations for a portfolio

Two foundations for investment. Starting a portfolio is like learning to drive. At first it seems that there’s so much you don’t know that its overwhelming. Changing gears, indicating, giving way, checking blind spots, but as you practice all these things become easier and soon enough (once you’ve passed the test!) all those little tasks […]

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Can you believe what property investment companies are telling you?

Are you being sold the truth? Following on from my previous blog, I thought I would expand some of the reasons why it’s a huge benefit to be using Gladfish rather than other property companies. Now property investment companies might try and tell you that their greater discounts are because they are better at negotiating, […]

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