Monthly Archives: July 2010

The positive side of the subdued lending: rents are on the rise

Investment Blog – Rising Rent There are a great many positives that we can take out of the current climate of subdued lending; low interest rates, low tenant turnover, low levels of tenant problems, and even rising rents due to rising demand for rental properties. The unaffordability of housing coupled with the huge deposits that […]

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Don’t lock in long term if you want to build a property portfolio…

Don’t lock down your portfolio There is a huge amount of talk about inflation and the fact that interest rates need to rise. I have no problems with this. As a property investor this is an indication that property prices will rise and our relative debt against our existing assets will decrease. This does however […]

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Property Investment Guide – Property price negotiation techniques 101

Property Investment Guide – The key to negotiating . . . I recently had a client who is about to put their home up for sale and upgrade to a bigger and better property. They wanted to get some advice that would help them negotiate a deal on their new property. Here’s my notes from […]

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