Monthly Archives: August 2010

Investment News – could your interest rate go to 14% within 2 years?

14% in two years? It’s highly unlikely, despite the attention grabbing headline, that your interest rate will be 14% in 2 years. I’ll explain exactly why this isn’t going to happen but more importantly why you need to consider and provide for your future property investment cash flow.

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Investment news: careful you aren’t talking yourself into a double-dip

Investment News – If you hear somthing enough . . . It’s official, house prices are dropping and as usual the media is having a field day. It’s rubbish and we’ll need to be careful that we don’t let this investment news talk us into a double dip. Demand is still subdued because banks are not […]

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How 70 years can help your property investment beat the recession

Recession beating One of the first principles I was taught in property investment was: the longer the time horizon, the more predictable the investment. I have a property mentor in Australia, Barry. He’s your normal type of Aussie guy, walks round in stubbies and thongs (that’s Australian for work shorts and flip-flops). Barry is worth […]

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