Monthly Archives: September 2010

Property Investment News – why you should ignore the headlines until October 22nd

Property Investment News – Just wait till October 22nd The property investment news has been up and down like a yo-yo recently with double-dip debates, leaving property investors largely clueless with what decisions to make. In today’s video, I’ll take a look at some headlines that’ll help you keep your head on your shoulders until […]

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Investment News – Good news for property market recovery as corporate profits return

Investment News – More and more corporations announcing profits is good news and one sure-fire indication that recovery is settling in. Obviously there are still many risks to overcome, but each new announcement of profits moves us ever closer towards the next boom. If you remember, when we hit the downturn in 2007, corporations immediately […]

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Property Investment News – Is the cheap money era really over?

Property Investment News – Angela Knight from the British Banking Association is reported as saying the cheap era is over. To me this seems disingenuous considering the fact that banks’ margins are now more than ever before. Apparently, one million people have been or are victims of landlord scams. Is this true? Anyone that’s a […]

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Building up your cash balances for your property portfolio

I have always found the most overlooked concept in property investment is the fact that property moves in largely predefined and perfectly predictable cycles. I call it the property cycle, and everyone should seek investment education on it! When you start out as a property investor this is often overlooked because so many other things […]

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Property investment news – house prices rise AND fall but new crash is unlikely

Property Investment News – Rise and fall First thing that caught my attention this week was a piece of good property investment news. Halifax have reported that house prices have risen based on the indices that they watch. Are they right? House prices are still deciding where they’re going to go – but I think […]

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