Monthly Archives: October 2010

Property Investment News – Don’t let Grant Shapps or the FSA affect your property

Property Investment News – rising rent and ‘safer’ mortgages This week’s UK property news is brought to you from the beautiful rural city Sunbury, home of the Ashes in Australia. First piece of news to share is rising rents. All property investors should have the good sense to push rents up now as lending is […]

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Property Investment News – Gladfish client Chris who built a portfolio of 8 properties

The journey of a property investor In this investment news update you will meet Chris. He’s been a client of Gladfish’s for just under a year. He’s built an impressive, thriving portfolio of 8 properties in just under a year and we asked him to step on camera to talk to Brett about his incredible […]

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Investment News – How the FSA is becoming public enemy number one

Investment News – FSA a force for good? This week’s investment news is brought to you from the beautiful but busy Singapore. Firstly, everyone knows that the banks are raking it in right now, making record profits, but they’d have you believe that they need another bail out! Amazing but true! Find out more about […]

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Property Investment Advice – Don’t buy property in Spain…or any of the international favourites

Property Investment Advice – International property investment Being an active property investor, every week I get probably near on 1000 properties offered to me at up to 70% off valuations as well as those I can earn around 12-20% commission on as well. In Spain, in Florida, in Detroit, everywhere in fact apart from areas […]

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