Monthly Archives: November 2010

6 Crucial Points on property market and economy update

6 crucial points Just 2 weeks ago at our Manchester “How to Make a Killing in Off-Plan Property” seminar, Brett spent exactly 7 minutes delivering an in-depth property and economy market update, specifically dealing with: – Government policy, business outlook, and investor sentiment – Where the economy is likely to be in 6-12 months and… […]

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Property Investment Advice – Open letter to buy-to-let investors who have been stung

Have you been stung by a property company whose property hasn’t quite performed like it said in the brochure? Perhaps you know someone who has? The last property boom of 1999 to 2007 was one of the longest on record and it tricked many people into believing that it could go on forever, but alas, […]

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Property Investment News – Fixing your mortgage now – is it in your best interest?

Should you fix your mortgage rate now? Let’s kick start this Property News Update by addressing the UK’s unemployment rate. The government has taken a leaf out of Clinton’s book on how to lower the unemployment rate in the UK. They’re finally doing something right as figures fall below 1.5 million – big signs of […]

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