Monthly Archives: December 2010

Property Investment Guide – How long before I have to pay stamp duty on my property?

Stamp Duty Stamp Duty is a fairly large lump sum of money to be outlaying and since in most cases it will apply to your property investment purchases, it is important to know when it’s due so you can cash flow accordingly. As with many things in Australia there are different rules for property purchase […]

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Investment News – With opinions flying everywhere, will Australian property crash?

Are we heading to an Australian Crash? The media has a lot of people running scared about the state of the Australian property market. I say it all the time when it comes to investing you never, ever let the media, friends or family influence what you are doing. Fact of the matter is if you’re […]

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Property Investment News – Split up the four banking groups for better competition

Property Investment News – It’s time to split! Welcome to this week’s Property News. This week we look at breaking up the big four banking groups for better competition, how to avoid poverty in retirement, the housing market and my prediction on the double dip. Should the big four banking groups be divided to make […]

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