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Property Investment News – Martin Weale fears expectations of higher inflation

Property Investment News – Brett’s responses to BoE’s Martin Weale’s fears expectations of higher inflation will become ingrained by The Telegraph on 31 Jan 2011. Bank of England policymaker Martin Weale, who joined Andrew Sentance to vote for a rise in interest rates this month, said on Monday he had been concerned about expectations of […]

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Investment News – House price predictions roundup: experts get it wrong?

Predictions roundup Once again I am going to look to a range of property experts across the UK and the world and see what the general consensus is on 2011 UK house price predictions. The 2010 house price predictions winner? Err.. winners? There was no clear winner for the 2010 House price predictions so it […]

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Property Investment Advice – Existing or new? My investment strategy: part one

Investment Strategy Part 1 When I first became an investor in property I had a totally different investment strategy to the one I use today. I would look at buying the cheapest established house in the area, detonate and renovate. This worked for a while until I started to see the benefit in an approach to […]

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Property Investment News – Pension pledges left UK & US insolvent

Property Investment News – Pension pledges have left UK and US ‘insolvent’ The Telegraph – 12 Jan 2011 – ByNickyBurridge, PA The world’s most advanced economies, including Britain and the US, would be insolvent if they accounted properly for the pension pledges and health pledges made to their aging populations, an authoritative report has warned.

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Property Investment News – minister issues warning on mortgage shake-up

Property Investment News – Minister issues warning on mortgage shake-up The Independent – 12 Jan 2011 – By Nicky Burridge, PA The Housing Minister will today step up the pressure on the City watchdog not to impose tough new mortgage rules which could make it harder for first-time buyers to buy property in the UK. […]

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