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Property Investment News – The fourth largest investment fund in the world sees property as a bet

Why the fourth largest investment fund in the world sees property as a good bet If you haven’t heard of Lambda Alpha, it’s the Honorary Society for the Advancement of Land Economics, a worldwide fraternity of property professionals, made up of architects, solicitors, town planners, academics, developers and a whole host of other property-related people. […]

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How quickly should an investor build their property portfolio?

Healthy growth or overreaching? We’ve started doing regular webinars for both beginner and experienced investors, and because we only have 1 hour per live event, it’s impossible to answer all the questions that get asked. This is why I’ve decided to record video answers to the common ones — and here’s the first, great question […]

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Where have all the good men… errr … valuers gone?

More and more valuations aren’t representing actual value. Many years ago as I was beginning my training in property I was told to trust valuers for they had years of experience and thousands of valuations under their belts. Despite not having the technology that is available today (we didn’t even have the internet or email […]

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