Monthly Archives: July 2012

What is a new build London property?

Investment Blog – expert in building property portfolios, Brett Alegre-Wood answers: ‘What is a typical new build London property?’ ‘This is a question I was asked at our recent webinar. What is a new-build London property that you should be investing in? Obviously there is a range but this video will uncover what makes up 80% […]

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Property investment: your core strategy: German Property vs UK

  Property Investment – In this video, Brett Alegre-Wood, Chairman of Gadfish, puts German property against UK property and discusses why they are totally different. He then goes on to explain his concept of having a “Core Strategy” in building your property portfolio.  

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How to sack an incompetent letting agent

        Investment Education– In this video, Brett Alegre-Wood, Chairman of Gladfish tells us how to sack a rental agent that isn’t performing.   As you grow your portfolio you’ll need to first be aware of an incompetent letting agent. They are one of the biggest considerations when renting a property and our team at […]

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