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Building a Property Portfolio

Why do I say 7-10 properties in building a property portfolio?

Expert in building a property portfolio Brett Alegre-Wood explains why he says 7-10 properties is the key in building a property portfolio. In fact, in this video, he’ll explain that 7-10 is just the practical application of his 3+1 Plan and is more of a marketing concept than the reality of what you may create. His […]

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Off Plan Property

Off-plan property is a winning strategy for the current market

Off-Plan PropertyIn this video, you’ll learn how many investors are setting themselves up in off-plan property RIGHT NOW to make a killing in the property market over the next 5-7 years, using almost none of their own money. Only watch if you’re committed to taking action in the next month! Live with passion,Brett Alegre-Wood

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Property Investment Strategy

Your core strategy – UK property vs. German property

Investment Education -In this video, expert in building property portfolios Brett Alegre-Wood puts German property vs. UK property and discusses why they are totally different. He then goes on to explain his concept of having a “core strategy” in building your investment property portfolio. Far too many people create a “Dinner Party Portfolio” – good for […]

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