Monthly Archives: February 2015

Property Investment

UK Elections impact on property investment

This week we look briefly at the UK Elections impact on Property Investment. Sales volumes are up 21% that is good news; deflation is a possibility, and some countries have dropped their interest rates below 0%.Importantly we look at the coming boom in Northern property. Commuter belts, cities and towns around the UK will see […]

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Crowdfunding Book

Investment News 9th Feb 2015 – Crowdfunding book download

Investment News – This week I have a free book download for you. My “Real Estate Crowdfunding” Book which is in draft format. We look at House Prices are up 2% in January against many experts predictions, government debt and why it’s still increasing despite all the talk of austerity and paying down debts, Why the […]

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Real estate crowdfunding – industry deceptions that are happening now!

Property Investment – Real estate crowdfunding is the latest buzz wordIt’s a chance for many a conman and slippery shark to offer up investments that never made the grade before and shouldn’t make the grade now. But with so many inexperienced investors jumping on the bandwagon without the necessary framework for investing, the necessary knowledge […]

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