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North Kesteven Property Investment

North Kesteven Property Investment Guide

North Kesteven – one of the country’s largest food producers North Kesteven is a largely rural region south of Lincoln in the English county of Lincolnshire. The district is known for its food production, is the largest UK producer of potatoes, wheat, poultry and cereals; the second largest producer of sugar-beet; and the fifth largest […]

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Chelmsford Property Investment

Chelmsford Property Investment Guide

A new city, fit for new investment Being the largest economy and a major driver of growth in the region. Chelmsford is worthy of investment. It has the highest scheduled dwellings increase in the Heart of Essex sub-region, over the next two decades. Job growth is ahead of the national average and is forecast to […]

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Crawley Property Investment

Crawley Property Investment Guide

A new growth hub at the heart of the Gatwick Diamond Crawley is a New Town in West Sussex with a population of over 100,000. It’s situated 28 miles south of Charing Cross and 18 miles north of Brighton. Crawley is not currently as affluent as its highly sought-after neighbours. Horsham and East Grinstead are […]

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