Monthly Archives: December 2015

Milton Keynes Property Investment Guide

A rapidly expanding town with the fastest UK growth Designated as a new town in January 1967, Milton Keynes was designed with the intention to become a city in scale. The site was chosen specifically as it is equidistant from London, Birmingham, Leicester, Oxford and Cambridge. With the intention that it would become a major […]

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Property experts – embarassing predictions, UK experts who got it wrong

Property experts – apologies to anyone working at the firms I’m highlighting, but you bring it on yourselves. The companies below are considered some of the most reliable property experts in the UK. Making expert predictions is a fool’s game. It’s not that the hundreds of people employed at these firms are fools, it ’s just that they don’t get to make predictions. […]

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UK pension changes: Begin your property education right away

There’s no need to wait to start investing in property. When we surveyed 400 of our investors recently, we discovered that 93% of respondents knew that they needed to buy more property than they had. And 86% said the main reason they didn’t start earlier was fear and not knowing how to go about it […]

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Investment News – UK pension changes: Resolve to start now!

Forget the past and the broken UK pension system. Focus on what you can do now. Recent research suggests that just over one-third of over 55s in the UK are contemplating spending their pensions on buying property. The government worries that everyone who’s eligible will race out and cash in their annuity, buy all sorts of houses […]

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