Monthly Archives: April 2016

Tax on Property Investment

UK Property Tax: Tax on property investment before April 2016

There were only two main taxes that concerned property investors before April 2016: 1. Capital Gains Tax (GCT) The one that most people think about is their property investment capital gains tax (CGT) liability. In simple terms, this is the tax that you’ll have to pay on the profit you make when you sell your investment property. […]

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Building a Property portfolio

How much leverage should you use to build a property portfolio?

Brett Alegre-Wood shares with you the 6 key factors in deciding the correct leverage ratio when building your portfolio.Brett’s unique portfolio building strategies are popular because he simplifies what is normally a very secretive and overhyped part of the property industry. His direct and no BS approach teaches you not only how to build an investment property portfolio […]

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