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Investment property – 7 things new property investors don’t know about property investment

For the property investor, knowledge is profit When we discussed the 4 top tips for the property investor to make the best property investment decisions, we looked very briefly at just how good property investment is when compared to other investments such as the stock market. Even given the huge outperformance of around 300% in […]

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How to get the government’s help to pay for your property investment

5 tax deductibles every property investor should be claiming Since the Chancellor (My pet name for him was #evilgeorge) made a number of changes to the property tax rules that affect the property investor, we’ve had a lot of clients ask about how the changes affect them in particular. That’s one reason we put together […]

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How property investors reap rewards from Infrastructure investment

What difference does infrastructure build really make? Whenever you attend a property investment seminar or read a book on property investment, you’re bound to come across a reference to the impact of infrastructure. It’s one of the first things I look for when I’m researching a potential investment, and as a property investor, it should […]

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Do the drawbacks to investing in property by a limited company outweigh the advantages?

 4 disadvantages of investing in property via a limited company In the first two posts of this blog series, I discussed about the questions that every property investor should ask themselves before deciding whether to set up an investment property company or not and how a limited company structure affects the property investor who plans to take income from your […]

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Top 4 tips to make the best property investment decisions

How to make the biggest profit with property investment Increasingly, we’re finding clients have one of two main objectives. The first of these is for property investment to produce an income now, perhaps to allow a new mum to work only part-time and spend more of that never-to-be-reclaimed time with a newborn baby and through […]

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The Ripple Effect and how you can make it work for your investment

You may have heard of the ripple effect and how it can impact property prices. In fact, the ripple effect is responsible for many areas, particularly around London, going up in price. But did you know that there are ways to work this phenomenon to your advantage? One of them is using my very own called Ripple Effect Pentagon.The […]

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Will setting up a limited company save you tax?

Investing in property within a limited company structure needs to be considered carefully before jumping in. One of the first questions you should ask yourself is “Are planning to take income from your property portfolio?”, then “when?”  I’ll explore how a limited company structure affects the property investor who wants to supplement their income and those […]

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Should I set up a limited company for investing in property?

3 elements property investors must determine before taking the limited company plunge A short while ago on my investment blog I asked the simple question, “Is a limited company structure right for your property investment?” Since then, I’ve had a few clients ask if there is a list of criteria that can be used to  self-check if investing property through a limited company […]

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