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Off-Plan – 6 benefits of investing in off-plan property in London

Off Plan – Property investment with growth and income prospects For those on a restricted budget, or with cash coming their way in a few months (perhaps money from a bonus from work or inheritance), you do not need to wait to start benefitting from property investment. With massive regeneration projects underway across London, investing […]

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Profiting from London regeneration areas and off-plan property

Lessons for the property investor Investing in London regeneration areas is a key driver of value from property investment, with the potential to give early stage property investors above-average returns stretching years into the future. Investors in off-plan property in London have the potential to capture those benefits if they know where to look and how […]

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Property Investment – Why it’s is a people business

Great property investors are good at relationship management One mistake that I see property investors making all the time is thinking that property investment is simply a numbers game. While it’s true that making the numbers add up is important, and using strategies to reduce the effects of UK tax changes on your investment will […]

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East Riding Property Investment

East Riding of Yorkshire Property Investment Guide

Where the coast and countryside combine The area of East Riding of Yorkshire is at the eastern end of the M62 Motorway. This provides a direct link to Leeds, the north east’s transport hub of, connecting to the M1 and the south, as well as the A1(M) going north. East Riding has excellent employment levels […]

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Buy-to-let investment will double your income in retirement

Property It’s better than any pension plan I know Many property investors have the ultimate goal of funding their retirement. Most don’t realise just how much better off than their neighbour their property investment is going to make them, especially using the 3+1 plan for property investment. What is 3+1 property investment? Let’s say that […]

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What is the best property investment for the property investors in London?

New build vs. existing vs. off-plan property investment As a residential property investor, there are three main routes to property investment gold: you could buy recently completed new builds; or off-plan property; or existing property. Some property investors swear by existing properties, renovating them and then renting them out, or flipping a property investment for profit. […]

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Property investor tips to guarantee best buy-to-let mortgage offers

What every property investor needs to know about buy-to-let mortgages When looking to benefit from gearing on your property investment, you’ll want to find the best buy-to-let mortgage possible. To do this, you’ll need to research the buy-to-let mortgage market and prepare your finances beforehand.

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