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How negative cash flow could make you a wealthy property investor

Negative cash flow as an investment strategy While I’m firmly in the school of property investors who invest for long-term cash flow and not appreciation, many professional investors purposely invest in properties with negative cash flow. They see this as no more than a cost of investing in an asset that is going to produce […]

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Property Investment Strategies for when your property accidentally goes cash flow negative

Property investment strategies for flexibility It’s probably not realistic that any buy-to-let property investment will be cash flow positive 100% of the time. As I discussed in my last post, three fundamental tactics to prepare for negative cash flow on buy-to-let investment properties, the savvy property investor will be prepared to cope with negative cash flow. […]

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Property Investment Guide Leeds

Growth this strong demands investor attention When it comes to business, Leeds packs an impressive punch. With a £53 billion economy Leeds generates 5% of the UK’s Gross Value Added. That means it has an economy bigger than 8 EU countries. Not bad for an area the size of Munich.

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What’s better for rental income – new build properties or existing?

Savvy property investors know the answer One of the decisions you’ll need to make as a property investor is whether to invest in new build or existing properties. Investors who are committed to older properties extol several advantages of doing so, including: You don’t pay the builder’s profit margin in the price Opportunities for renovations […]

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Use a buy-to-let mortgage to power your personal capitalisation rate

Exploring the benefits of using gearing in property investment In my last investment blogs, I introduced the concept of capitalisation rates as a way to compare the return on a property investment and how you can use the capitalisation rate as a guide to inform your bid price in property negotiations. You can read those […]

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