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Five must-ask questions about hotel investment opportunities

Guarantees, benefits and exit strategies of hotel room investment A couple of days ago, I was asked to explain our hotel room investment schemes and why they perform so well as property investment opportunities. The investor that made the enquiry had five specific questions that he wanted to be answered. They were good questions, too. […]

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Which investment strategy performs best for a property investor?

Hotel Room Investment – How should you invest in hotel rooms? When you invest in hotels, there are several ways you can do so. For example, you could buy an entire hotel, run and manage it yourself. That’s hard work, and extremely risky if you have no experience. Most property investors don’t have the experience or expertise […]

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Three Rivers Property Investment Guide

The third most sought-after place to live for commuters in the south-east Being located at the south-western end of Hertfordshire, one of England’s affluent ‘home counties’ Three Rivers is already a very prosperous and desirable area. Situated only 20 miles north-west of London and with excellent road and rail links, yet within a stone’s throw […]

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11 steps to refine property investment strategy

Moving from planning to taking action A couple of weeks ago we published a series of property investment guides that discussed seven considerations before investing in UK property. In this article, I’m going to look at the action points of a basic property investment strategy. This is the step-change between thinking and planning to doing. Following […]

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Good news: house prices unlikely to collapse in 2017

What’s in store for property investors in 2017 and beyond A short while ago I asked the question “Is off-plan property a good investment in 2017?” In the two articles that tackled that subject, you’d have discovered how the pessimistic analysts (and that was most of them) based their snap forecasts of a collapsing UK […]

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Property Investment News – Autumn Statement 2016 Comment

Why the 2016 Autumn Statement is good news for property investment. The Autumn Statement – the first and last by Chancellor Philip Hammond – has been called a “bombshell for property investors” by some industry commentators because of a “crackdown on letting fees”. Such headlines strike fear into property investors, but are you right to be afraid?

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Heathrow, property take-offs and hard landings

What effect will Heathrow’s new runway have on property prices? The announcement that the government has approved a third runway for Heathrow took just about forever to make. Now it’s been achieved, the question on property investors’ lips is, “What will it do to property prices?” There’s a high probability that the airport expansion will […]

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Is Charlton the new Greenwich and Blackheath?

Why the ripple effect could be good for property investors in Charlton If you consider the best places to invest in London outside zones 1 and 2, Blackheath and Greenwich have long been on the list of south-east London property hotspots. However, property investment in these areas has been made harder by their popularity. The […]

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Best Places to Invest in London – The Night Tube

The best places to invest in London – ride the night tube to success It may have taken a long time to get off the ground, as well as plenty of commuter upheaval caused by industrial disputes, but, now it’s finally up and running, London’s Night Tube is proving to be quite a success. In this […]

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