Monthly Archives: November 2016

Tackle your buy-to-let property investment concerns

 Tips for profitable buy-to-let property investment In this investment blog, we recently met a couple who built a property portfolio and quit their day jobs. Brett has also introduced you to an ex-pizza shop employee, who is an inspiration for anyone considering property investment as a way to retire. Tony Fleming took such a diligent […]

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Property investment in buy-to-let is booming

The experts got it wrong again, while property investors profit Property investors have certainly had a roller coaster ride this year. Investment news has been a steady stream of hit after hit.  Despite this, property investment in the buy-to-let sector is booming. For months the media has been screaming negative headlines about property investment. In […]

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Hotel investment up and business is growing

The perfect environment for hotel room investment In our property investment blog in which we discussed what makes investing in hotel rooms so appealing, we highlighted factors that included: Ease of understanding as an investment High yields from a hassle-free property investment Flexibility for long-term financial planning We also discussed the rapid growth of the industry. […]

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Hotel room investment: What you need to know about hotel room investments

Hotel Room Investment – Your questions about hotel room investment answered The UK’s hotel industry is booming. It’s worth over £40bn annually, with around 45,000 hotels and over 730,000 hotel rooms. Tourism added £ to the UK’s economy in 2014, and is expected to grow at an annual average rate of 3.8% by 2025. Tourists will need somewhere to […]

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