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Gloucester Property Investment Guide

A high-performing city at the heart of a thriving county Gloucester is a cathedral city located in the south-west of England and is also the county town of Gloucestershire. The city is dominated economically by a strong business and financial sector, and by the service industries. The Cheltenham and Gloucester bank has its roots in […]

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Property investment crashes without due diligence

Never rush into a property investment Vince was a property investor who had concentrated on buy-to-let properties. He had a portfolio of eight properties and was making a regular income from them. His strategy had been to buy off-plan property, benefiting from staged payments, an uptick in capital value by completion, and strong rental demand […]

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Bad financing decisions put property investment underwater

It’s essential to get buy-to-let mortgage advice Of all seven sins of beginner property investors, bad financing decisions are among the most common. Even if you’ve bought in the best places to invest in property UK, if you haven’t got the best mortgage then you won’t maximise your rental income profits or capital gains.

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High Wycombe Property Investment Guide

A growing population of growing professionals High Wycombe is situated in the globally significant Thames Valley. Its thriving economy excellent business opportunities, make it a solid choice for investors. The property market in the district is booming, with the cost of residential property in the area currently at around 18% above the national average. This has […]

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Wolverhampton Property Investment Guide

£1 billion of public and private investment will boost returns Wolverhampton is at the heart of a densely populated area. 582,000 people are a 20-minute drive from the centre, and three million live within just 20 miles. It attracts over a million leisure visitors a year and its central shopping area attracts an incredible 30 […]

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Prepare financially for investment opportunities

Nasty surprise from bad cash flow projections There are plenty of property investment opportunities across the UK. With good research skills and the help of property experts, you’ll be able to pinpoint the best places to invest in property UK. However, unless you get your cash flow projections right, even the best investment opportunities could […]

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The nightmare of an emotional property investment

Look at the numbers, not the heartbeat When you invest in property, your aim will ultimately be to make the profit or income that will give you the lifestyle you want. To do this, you must take emotions out of the investment equation. The best property investments are those where the numbers add up. If […]

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Why you don’t stop after your first property investment

The 3+1 Plan in real life-changing action It is the story of twins Danny and David, who had been left £100,000 each when they were in their early twenties. Their auntie, who had always had a special affection for her nephews, had taken some good financial advice. Although her death had been unexpected, she had […]

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How to avoid the seven beginner investment mistakes

Seven deadly sins of first-time property investors Over the years, I’ve seen a lot of beginner property investors take the same wrong turns when making their first property investment. I made a few of them myself when I started out. Fortunately, I found myself a great investment mentor early in my life as a property […]

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