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Finances that almost guarantee property investment profit

Avoid mortgage disappointment to benefit from leverage Property investment could be the key to realising your financial objectives. There is no reason why we shouldn’t expect UK property investment to perform similarly to how it has performed over the last two decades. If you’d bought residential investment property in 1986, it would have increased in […]

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Target the silver renter for investment property profits

Demographics could hold the key to long-term buy-to-let profits Whether you’re making a property investment with the objective of capital gain or the benefit of regular rental income profit, it pays to pay attention to what’s happening in the wider economy and how that might create long-term property investment opportunities.

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Property Investment

Avoid the squeeze on property investment

Interest rates are rising: here’s how buy-to-let investors can profit from this The years of low mortgage rates that have benefited investors in UK residential investment property look like they’re coming to an end. Combined with tougher lending rules, and changes to mortgage tax relief that are being phased in over the next three years, […]

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House prices rise as new homes shortfall is forecast

UK property investors will benefit for years to come Over the long term, property investment in the UK has outperformed all other major investment assets. When you buy a residential investment property, you’re investing in an asset that pays a better income yield than stocks, bonds, and cash. If you invested in UK property 20 years […]

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IHT changes on UK property investment for non-doms

Helping overseas investors pay less tax on UK property investment Tax should be a four-letter word. If you don’t plan for it, a tax can severely damage your wealth. Like cigarettes, they could come with a government warning. Now, while I don’t think that tax should be the reason to invest (and if you pay tax, […]

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Hertsmere Property Investment

Hertsmere Property Investment Guide

Prime commuter belt properties just 25 minutes to central London. Hertsmere is an archetypal middle-class home counties district in the south of the prosperous county of Hertfordshire. Just beyond the northern boundary of Greater London, yet within the popular London commuter belt. The region covers some 39 square miles and is a mixture of prosperous […]

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Want 8% income? Which investment opportunities work best?

Pros and cons of different hotel types for property investors If you’re searching for investment opportunities to meet your objectives of guaranteed income and a known capital return, then you will probably have come across hotels as property investment opportunities. You may have read about our hotel room investment launch – with an 8% rental […]

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Student investment properties: are they worth it?

Don’t be blinded by investment guarantees: consider the risks, too. I’ve noticed a phenomenon on Facebook that’s starting to worry me. Not only me, either. I’ve heard from several clients and others interested in residential investment property who want to know more about the ‘student pods’ that are being marketed to them on social media. […]

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