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Hotel investment could benefit from a bumper 2017

Regional hotel rooms to record occupancy rates Investment news that’s been released recently points to a bumper year for hotel room investment returns. With the Brexit vote pushing the value of the pound lower, the number of ‘staycations’ and overseas visitors to the UK is expected to increase substantially. PwC expects these market dynamics to […]

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The key to your child’s university education is in a hotel room door

Hotel room investment strategy Property investment opportunities could be the answer to the huge cost of a university education today. Specifically, an investment in hotel rooms. Most parents dream of their children going to university. Then they struggle with the costs. Investing in a hotel room could provide the funds to not only cover tuition […]

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Avoid investment opportunities that lose money

Income and growth investments that crush cash, bonds, and annuities Investment opportunities for income seekers are few and far between. Savings accounts pay next to nothing, and if you invest in government bonds, there’s a 30% chance that your investment will lose you money. For retirees, traditional annuities now pay an average of less than […]

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The latest in high-rise construction methods – Property Rant 014

Modern day construction now means that much of the construction is completed offsite, meaning is quicker, cheaper and in many cases a better quality. I was walking to work past Wembley Park, Alto Building, which has been build using pods, built offsite, and shipped onsite to be craned into position. Video Transcription : Hi Guys, and welcome to […]

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Ways to invest in UK property investment opportunities: Part 3

Is a limited company a viable vehicle for your investment? As I’ve discussed in my last two articles, there are several structures that you can use to invest in UK property. Having looked at the pros and cons of direct property investment and the difference between general partnerships and limited liability partnerships, in this article, […]

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UK Property Investment

Brexit – Are London bankers really moving… We doubt it! – Property Rant 013

We did a quick survey of our banker clients and in every single case the attitude was “Are you joking, there is no way we are going anywhere. The kids are in school, we speak English not French or German and my husband loves shopping on the high street :)” There’s no doubt that if […]

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Ashford Property Investment Guide

Ashford – Gateway to Europe and key to your investment dreams Considered the ‘Gateway to Europe’, Ashford is the fastest growing city between London and the continent. That sounds like a big claim, but the truth of it becomes immediately evident when you have a look at how this scenic area of Kent has developed […]

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Is London still worth investing in with Ryan Rahnavard – Property Rant 012

Questions have been raised over the last few years about London and whether it’s still a place for investment… well my take is always ‘London will surprise you’. Ryan Rahnavard, Associate Director at Gladfish explains his take on London’s investment potential. Video Transcription Brett: Hi, guys! Welcome to Property Rant. I’m Brett Alegre-Wood. So what I thought to […]

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Ways to invest in UK property investment opportunities: Part 1

Is direct property investment best for you? One of the most common questions we’ve been asked during the last few months is whether owning properties directly is still the best way to profit from UK property investment opportunities. Mostly, the question has been prompted by the changes to the tax regime and how mortgage interest […]

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