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Investment Education – 7 Reasons why new build property is not expensive

There is no comparison between existing and new build property One of the most common objections we hear about new build property is that it’s ‘overpriced’. It is a theory we hear most often from beginner investors – usually, those who have recently had a large dose of ‘Home under the Hammer’, or ‘Location, Location, […]

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How to get the biggest discount on the best off-plan property

Negotiating the best off-plan investment As a property investor, you’ll learn to love numbers. After all, you don’t invest without wanting to make a profit. Once you’ve bought a buy-to-let property, you’ll be concerned with maintenance costs, investment property management fees, the mortgage interest payments, and, of course, maximising your profit from rental income. Investing […]

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Investment Education – What you need to know to profit from off-plan property

It pays to know the pros and cons before you invest When I started out in property, one of the first things my investment mentor taught me was to always take a balanced view of any opportunity. It means being fully aware of the advantages and disadvantages of any investment opportunity, before investing. Off-plan property […]

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How to have a perfect relationship with off-plan property – Investment Education

Take advantage of off-plan property and minimise the risks Off-plan property is a property that is planned, but not yet built. It’s become popular with developers and property investors. In this article, you’ll learn: Why developers sell property off-plan Some of the advantages for property investors The major risks of investing in off-plan property How […]

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Investment Blog – Is now the right time to buy UK property?

Why overseas investors are cashing in on property UK Overseas investors in property UK have had a lot of success in the past. It is especially true of those who have invested in London off-plan property. Moves to try to kerb foreign investment into the UK property market have done little to deter investors.

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Investment Blog – Overseas investors and the surge in property UK: the truth

Don’t blame foreigners for on-fire property prices One of the themes over the last few years is that the surge in UK property prices has been caused by overseas investors. Even Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, ordered an inquiry into the part that overseas investors play in the London property market.

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liverpool new build apartments

Liverpool Property Investment Guide

One of the strongest economies in the UK Liverpool, Merseyside, is one of the strongest local economies in the UK, worth an estimated £156.8bn.  In December 2016, statistics from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) showed the Merseyside economy grew by 3.1% in 2015, faster than any other major city in the area, and outperforming both […]

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Do you know that expats can earn tax-free rental income from the UK?

Boost your income with UK property investment If you’ve moved overseas or are considering doing so, one of the things that might concern you is how your income is taxed. A lot of countries around the world have higher personal tax rates and lower personal allowances than the UK. The lower cost of living which […]

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Too many high rises being built – Property Rant 031

No matter how much you want to resist change it’s going to happen. With 20 high rise towers and buildings in London already planned, the only way is up. If this concept disrupts your thinking well good because the other thing in this video will blow your mind… The answer is already in existence and works […]

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How to avoid the disastrous losses of a bad fixed rate deal

Boost property investment profits with the best mortgage deal Property investment opportunities have been boosted over the last few years by low buy-to-let mortgage rates. But with expectations of higher inflation, there is growing speculation that interest rates could rise. Property investors are starting to ask if now should be the time to move over […]

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