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The no-foul strategy to easily evict a tenant from hell

How to manage a tenant that’s going rotten on you Property investment has the potential to make you wealthy, give you a great stream of passive income (possibly tax-free if you’re an expat investor), and create a real legacy to leave your loved ones. But what happens if your buy-to-let investment goes wrong? What do you […]

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I don’t want to take a mortgage, can I pay cash? – Property Rant 047

Totally understandable!!! The government has made it so difficult to get any finance through on an investment. My thoughts are this!!! Don’t let the difficulty of finance cloud the benefits it provides, it’s all about return on investment. Paying cash you get the pleasure of paying MORE tax… not something I recommend. I prefer to see […]

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What you need to know about positive cash flow property investment

Five cash flow considerations you can’t afford to ignore Property investment for positive cash flow is an investment to produce income. This type of investment could allow you to reduce the hours you work, pay a child’s school fees, retire early  it’s life-changing. To take advantage of all the benefits of positive cash flow property […]

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Can we use our own Mortgage Broker? – Property Rant 046

Of course, you can use your own broker. No one can force you to use a broker you don’t want to use. Sure they can stop you from buying an investment but that will rarely happen. However… In this day and age mortgages are much more complex and brokers have to specialise so the broker you used […]

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Should you mortgage your home to slash buy-to-let debt?

Before risking your home to cut buy-to-let tax…. think Buy-to-let tax changes, which start to take effect in April, are spooking some property investors. If you’re a higher rate taxpayer, the property tax changes to mortgage interest tax relief could cost you a chunk of your profit. Some investors have questioned if property investment is worth […]

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Why do you need my financial information? – Property Rant 045

​So many times we are on the phone to salespeople and they ask us personal information about our situation. So you have the choice to trust them with it or not.  The truth is an ethical company will use it to provide the right information to help you make an informed decision, a sales company will […]

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New tenancy fundamentals drive spectacular passive income

Are you ready to escape the rat race? You’re bored of the daily routine, the treadmill of working harder every day for lower reward. You’ve considered property investment, but you’re concerned about void periods crashing your income. Well, we’ve got news for you. The rental market is changing. And for property investors, it’s incredibly good […]

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Sounds too good to be true. What can go wrong? – Property Rant 044

Property Investment is all about Return on Investment (ROI) but risks and the minimisation or mitigation of them is one of the keys to investing successfully. I consider these two things when assessing the risk of an investment. It’s essential that you do this in order to avoid the effect of risks on your investment. Risks should […]

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Property Prices

Property prices in UK regional cities explode. Manchester in top spot

Property investment news catches up with Gladfish predictions Regional cities are experiencing a renaissance in house price growth and sales, and Manchester is leading the way. It won’t come as a surprise to Gladfish clients. Our Hotspot Algorithm picked out Manchester as a star market of the future in August 2015. And we’ve recently updated […]

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What if I lose job before completion, but I need a mortgage? – Property Rant 043

Losing your job or even changing jobs can be stressful, having to apply for a mortgage at the same time especially given the changes in the market can just add to that stress. So how do we overcome this? Well the answer isn’t as simple as we would like, but the most important thing to consider is […]

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