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Kingston Property Investment

Kingston Property Investment Guide

Superb riverside living, just 30 minutes to London Waterloo The Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames is situated in south-west London alongside the picturesque River Thames. It includes the town of the same name, together with Surbiton, New Malden, Chessington, Tolworth and Worcester Park. It is one of the least populated of the London boroughs. […]

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Invest in Property

The benefits of investing in property in university towns

Seven reasons why investors profit near universities Investing in property located near good education facilities is one of those golden rules successful investors adhere to. University towns have been good hunting grounds for property investors. In this article, you’ll discover why investing in university towns could produce above-average investment returns. We’ll also provide you with […]

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Off Plan Property

Can I sell off-plan property before completion?

What happens if you need to sell your off-plan property investment? Off-plan property investment comes with a catalogue of potential benefits. There is also some risks. As with any investment, you should always have an exit strategy. Some property investors buy off-plan property with the intention of selling it before they complete. We don’t recommend […]

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Investment Property Strategy

Which residential investment property strategy is best?

Nine investment strategy solutions for property investors Residential investment property strategies are as diverse as people. That’s one of the things that make property investment such a winner. When you want your money to work hard for you and build the lifestyle you want, there are many property investment opportunities to do so. In this […]

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Property Market

With property market statistics mixed, what should you do?

Last week we reported that the rate at which property prices are rising increased to 5.6% year-on-year in April. That was according to official sales figures lodged with the Land Registry. A report from Rightmove shows that prices fell back in June (even though we aren’t yet through June). With property prices falling, you might […]

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Residential Property Investment

Crush tenant turnover before it crushes your residential investment property profit

Strategies to get and keep the best tenants and maximise buy-to-let profits Residential investment property owners have several common issues. One of these is the cost of tenant turnover. However long the void period, getting a new tenant is expensive. If your tenants are constantly changing, it is probably down to one of three reasons. […]

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Investing in UK Property

The eight hidden costs of investing in property in the UK

Don’t invest without including these costs in cash flow projections Investing in property in the UK incurs several costs which the investor must allow for in their calculations. These are on top of mortgage interest payments. The mistake that many beginner investors make when assessing property investment opportunities is not allowing for all investment costs. […]

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Elephant and Castle Property Investment

Elephant & Castle property no longer a white elephant for buy-to-let investors

When hearing the words “Elephant & Castle”, most Londoners immediately think of a run-down and ramshackle area dominated by a double roundabout of traffic turmoil and two large and loathsome estates – the Heygate and Aylesbury, both of which look, feel, and smell of decades of decay and neglect.

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