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Residential Property Investment

Can you buy residential property investment in a SIPP?

Tax efficient, hassle-free investment that could transform your retirement An investor recently asked us about making a property investment in a self-invested personal pension (SIPP). He likes the idea of investing in property and the superior returns it could produce as he begins to look ahead to his retirement. Being cash rich and time poor, […]

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Void Period

Why I don’t stress about void periods when I invest in property

The key to riding out void periods and banking maximum property profits When you invest in property, you might be concerned about the effect of void periods. I know I was when I first started out. They terrified me. Positive cash flow suddenly turns negative. You must subsidise your investment out of your pocket. Your […]

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Buy to Let Property Portfolio

How to build a buy-to-let investment portfolio the easy way

Five rules that are the foundation of successful property investment Buy-to-let investment can be a life-changing strategy. It has made millionaires out of hundreds of investors, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be the next. But this kind of success doesn’t happen overnight. You need to spend time and effort to learn the rules […]

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Off Plan Property

Off-plan property or existing property – what’s best?

Simple steps to reduce your bills and pump up your cash flow Off-plan property has provided successful property investors with some of the most profitable investment opportunities in the UK for many years. Developers have been able to build in amazing locations. Investors have banked consistently high rental yields and capital gains. As with all […]

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Reading Property Investment

Crossrail will make the UK’s top area for economic success even more successful

Reading is historically known for the Three B’s; Beer, Simonds’ Brewery from 1785–2010; Bulbs, Suttons’ Seeds from 1837-1974; Biscuits, Huntley and Palmer’s from 1822-1976. Today Reading is a commercial centre, with involvement in information technology and insurance. Surprisingly despite its proximity to London, Reading has a net inward commuter flow.

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Invest in Property

Six questions that answer how to invest in property

What you should ask to develop the best property investment strategy How to invest in property depends upon several factors. How do you decide whether you should invest in buy-to-let (BTL) residential investment property, off-plan property, or student accommodation, for example? Are hotel rooms better to invest in than BTL? Should you buy unloved properties, […]

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Buy to Let Investment

27 ways to increase your buy-to-let investment rental yield

Easy fixes to maximise your rental profits from all buy-to-let properties Buy-to-let investment has become a little more difficult over the last 12 months, thanks mostly to the UK property tax changes made in recent years. To retain profitability, some investors are setting up limited companies to buy property in the UK. It might reduce […]

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Profit from Property Investment

Your five streams of passive profit from property investment

Profit from property in ways you never realised existed When you think of how you profit from property investment, you probably think of capital growth and rental income. But there are other ways that investors profit from residential investment property. Less obvious ways, but equally as important. Each of these profit streams is passive. You […]

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