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Guildford Property Investment Guide

The best economic prospect outside London Guildford the county town of Surrey is an affluent area. And according to a recent survey by UK Vitality Index, it has the best economic prospects outside London. The results rank each location in six categories: most productive, fastest-growing, most entrepreneurial, best educated, greenest and most affluent. Guildford ranked in […]

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7 Common property investment mistakes and how to avoid them

Tips to profit as a property investor from day one In property investment, there isn’t a mistake that hasn’t already been made. Most are made by beginner investors, who haven’t yet gained the experience to avoid them. It’s these mistakes that stop investors from continuing after their first investment and becoming property millionaires. In this […]

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Good news for property investors – housing starts are way short of demand

Property price rise in London and UK cities are smashing inflation, too. Sometimes I get the feeling that the media are desperately trying to crash the UK property market. Two items of property investment news over the last few days highlight just how media headlines are deliberately misleading. Reporters seem hell-bent on putting a negative […]

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Where now for the best profits from UK property investment?

Look at trends, value and fundamentals for clues to property hotspots Residential property investment in the UK is not as dead as a dodo, despite what you might read in the press. Focus has shifted, that’s all. After years of outperformance, London and the South East are no longer the top performing regions. Property prices […]

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Why positive cash flow investment property will help you retire early

Positive cash flow properties benefit property portfolio builders Residential property investment is becoming increasingly popular with professionals seeking to protect their capital from inflation. And you don’t have to buy a property that will cost you to hold every month until you decide to sell it and pocket the capital gain. In this article, you’ll […]

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