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Trafford Property Investment

Property Investment Guide Trafford

Property Investment Guide – Trafford has above national average incomes The Metropolitan Borough of Trafford is a prosperous area. It is the only borough in Greater Manchester (apart from Manchester itself) to be above the national average for weekly income, and is on average the highest in the county. Trafford’s economy is excellent, it has a […]

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Investment Returns

Could residential property boost your investment returns in the low interest rate environment?

Should you reweight your investment portfolio? Increasing numbers of economists are coming around to my point of view – interest rates in the UK are unlikely to rise before 2019. It means that your investment portfolio could come under increasing pressure to make worthwhile income. Especially with inflation rising (it’s currently at 2.6%), traditional income-producing […]

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Investment Opportunities

How to assess investment opportunities against your buy-to-let

Should you sell and reinvest in another investment asset? I was asked a question last week about property investment opportunities, and how to measure an existing property investment against other investment assets. Specifically, Greg asked this question: “A few years ago, having listened to your advice, I invested in an off-plan property in London. It’s […]

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Off Plan property

Why off-plan property is a great investment strategy for all lifestyle goals

The benefits of off-plan property for income and growth investors Investing in off-plan property is a strategy that could help you achieve all your lifestyle goals, whatever they may be. Whether you want to create income to last your entire retirement, build a valuable estate for your loved ones, or create a passive income stream […]

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Buy to let Property

How much will your buy-to-let investment be worth in 10 years?

Property prices and rents are up again – and could soar over the next decade Investment news over the last week has shown that the average house price in the UK continues to rise at around 4.5% annually – or 0.37% per month. Also, average rents have increased by 3.1% over the last year. We […]

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Property Investment

Housing supply slumps as Bank of Mum and Dad funds kids’ rent payments

Good news for property investors, combined with advice on rent collection Three items of investment news have caught our attention over the last week. The first two point to continued house price growth and the underpinning of rental prices by the Bank of Mum and Dad (BoMaD). The third underlines the importance of reviewing rent […]

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Investing in Property

How to invest in property with a partner and remain friends

Overcoming the common problems faced by property investment partners Investing in property with a friend or partner is becoming increasingly popular. It allows you to pool resources and complementary skill sets. If you both commit equally financially, you could buy a larger property and double your potential profitability. However, there are also some risks of […]

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Off Plan Property Investment

Your 13-point off-plan property investment checklist

Tick off all the boxes for off-plan investment success As investment strategies go, investing in off-plan property can be one of the most profitable, when it’s done well, and you know how to increase your off-plan investment profits. Here at Gladfish, we help you negotiate the minefield of buying off-plan. A progression team takes the […]

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Investment Property

Are lifetime mortgages on investment property sensible for retirees?

Beware the remortgaging tax trap In the current environment of low-interest rates and poor returns on annuities, many retirees are turning to equity release to help fund their retirement. This strategy hasn’t been available to property investors for years, but a pensions company has now entered the market and is offering lifetime mortgages (as this […]

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Redbridge Property Investment

Redbridge Property Investment Guide

One of the best living environments in London North-east London’s borough of Redbridge is known for its high performing schools, excellent transport links, thriving shopping areas and award-winning parks. Around a quarter of the borough is covered by forest & green areas which is why it’s known as the leafy suburb. According to the borough […]

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