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Why you should never sell investment property, and why you might

7 reasons to sell your investment property One of the questions that most buyers of residential investment property ask is, “When should I sell my investment property?” The answer I always give is never! In this article, I’ll explain why you shouldn’t sell your investment property, and why you won’t want to. And I’ll also […]

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RICS survey points to a better 2018 for property investors

More sales, higher prices, and higher rents could be on the way this year After a sluggish 2017, the outlook for property investment in 2018 is much rosier, though the pickup is likely to be gradual at first, speeding up as the year progresses. It is the conclusion from the latest survey by the Royal […]

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Is the fear of being a landlord stopping your success as a property investor?

Avoid the biggest pitfall of beginner investors and forget about landlord responsibilities One of the biggest mistakes made by beginner investors, and one that stops many from becoming successful property investors, is that they believe they must be a great landlord to be profitable in the buy-to-let market. I say avoid becoming a landlord at […]

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When you invest in property, you need to know the realistic market rent

There are three rents: two you ignore, and one you calculate When you’re investing in a property for its long-term potential, one of your main considerations will be the rental income you could receive. Your cash flow depends upon it. However, rental income doesn’t always meet with sales agents’ promises. There are plenty of horror […]

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Why price, not perfection, is the key to profitable property investment

Stop searching for the perfect property, and find the perfect investment When I meet with would-be investors who have constantly missed out on great property investment opportunities, it’s often because of one reason: they’ve never found the ‘perfect property’. I disappoint them when I speak to them. I tell them they never will. You see, […]

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