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The property investment research framework that works for all

Top-down property research explained If you were investing in a stock market fund, you would expect the fund manager to have conducted some in-depth research before buying shares. You would expect the underlying fundamentals to support the long-term growth of the stocks that are being bought and put into your fund. The last thing you’d […]

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UK property prices hit record as IMLA calls for attack on PRS to stop

Property values in the UK show no sign of falling Last week, property investors learned just how much the value of their properties increased in 2017. This news comes shortly after the Intermediary Mortgage Lenders Association (IMLA) called for an end to damaging regulatory changes to the private rented sector (PRS). Let’s start with the […]

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Haringey Property Investment Guide

Affluent, entrepreneurial & on the up Situated in north London, Haringey borough covers an area of more than 11 square miles. It includes Crouch End, Finsbury Park, Highgate, Muswell Hill, Northumberland Park, Seven Sisters, Tottenham, Wood Green and more. Some familiar local landmarks include Alexandra Palace, Bruce Castle, Jacksons Lane Highpoint I and II and […]

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The five fundamental keys to profitable property investment

Why you must always invest where the property fundamentals are strong One of the first lessons to learn as a property investor is to always invest in strong property fundamentals. It is these fundamentals that hold the key to successful property investment. The better the fundamentals where your property is located, the more income and […]

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Your five-minute guide to investing in a property that will always rent

For the best long-term returns, buy an every person property Experienced property investors will be quick to tell you that there is one thing guaranteed to lose you money on an investment property: owning one that doesn’t rent. Void periods – those times when your property is empty – can be very expensive. You’ll need […]

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The four property investors you don’t want to be

What comes first – your strategy, or your investment mindset? As a beginner investor, one of the things you’ll want to know is which residential property investment strategy is likely to produce the best returns. My core strategy – one that has worked incredibly well for me during my entire property investment ‘career’ – is […]

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Seven sins that could cost property investors their shirt (and their business)

How to avoid the common mistakes of inexperienced buy-to-let investors Any of the seven deadly sins could cost a property investor their business. Pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, and sloth are all traits that could encourage you to make poor decisions and bad errors when it comes to investing and letting. But there are […]

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As London rents edge higher, UK property investors receive record rental income

Is now the time to consider renewed investment in London? Recently released rental market statistics show that average rental prices in the UK have reached record levels, and increased across every region for the first time in almost two years. Other reports confirm that rental prices in London have become more affordable over the last […]

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Borrowing to invest is bad? – four property myths busted

Don’t listen to bad advice when you borrow to invest in property It always amazes me that so many people think borrowing to invest in property is a dumb idea, and yet they wouldn’t blink at the thought of borrowing to buy a home. When you finance a residential investment property, you are using other […]

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