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How do you invest in residential property below market value every time?

The secret to negotiating the best value deal in the property market There are two main ways to buy a residential investment property below market value. The first is to buy off-plan property. The best discounts are achieved if you: Buy early Buy lots Buy quickly Buy off-market (before property is offered to the public)

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7 essential property investment strategies to destress when interest rates rise

Don’t stress! Take action to keep that cash flow and your sanity! When we meet with property investors, we discuss how stressed they might become should interest rates rise. There is no point investing in property if you can’t sleep at night. That’s why we always insist investors take 24 hours to consider a property […]

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Why property investors shouldn’t fret about property prices and interest rates

The two toughest emotional barriers and how to hurdle them There are two emotional barriers that all beginner property investors worry about. They are both out of your control. But this doesn’t mean they should put you off investing in property. They are simply part of the natural order of things. If you learn to […]

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Where to invest in property in the heart of the Northern Powerhouse… Leeds Property Investment!

Leeds property investment could be the golden goose for property investors in the UK HS2 should transform the fortunes of Leeds property in the North of England. When services start, transport options for people and freight will explode. Suddenly, the capital and the South of England will be just an hour or so away. It’s […]

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If not rental yield, what should be the focus for your property investment?

Avoid the mistake of concentrating on yield and buying a money pit When you invest in property, one of the attractions is the spectacular yield your investment earns. But putting all your focus on yield is a mistake. Whether investing for capital gain or income, seasoned property investors understand the importance of controlling cash flow. […]

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