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What difference does deposit size make when you invest in property?

When it comes to deposits, size isn’t the only thing that matters The minimum deposit you need to secure a buy-to-let mortgage varies between lenders. Generally, it is at least 25% of the purchase price. Buy-to-let mortgages differ from homebuyer mortgages. The amount of deposit you put down could have a positive effect on your […]

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How much does it really cost to invest in property?

Do your cash flow due diligence for property investment success When you invest in property, it pays to know all the costs upfront. There will be taxes, running costs, and insurances. Then there may be service charges, maintenance, and, of course, mortgage interest payments. Understanding the true cost when you invest in property will help […]

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Create your own investment guarantees to maximise your property profits

Property guarantees to help you sleep at night I don’t know how many times I’ve told people that investing in property is a numbers game, not an emotional one. If the numbers add up, your investment will be successful. Unfortunately, I find that most beginner investors approach property investment more like a gamble than a […]

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Bradford Property Investment

Is Bradford the next stop for high-speed property investment?

The new Northern Powerhouse destination for businesses and commuters Mention Bradford to most people in the UK, and it will be recognised as the home of Britain’s favourite food – the curry. The Strategic Transport Plan for the Northern Powerhouse Rail (NPR), put forward in February 2018, could make the city the best-connected city in […]

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Property Prices

Is the tide of property prices turning in the UK’s regional cities?

Here is why regional city property prices could now outshine London If you want to know which cities in the UK might offer the best property investment opportunities over the next four or five years, new research by Hometrack could offer some answers. It also agrees with what our analysis has been telling us: that […]

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Investment Property

How to think like a pro when you inspect investment property

Eliminate emotional barriers to leap into successful property investment In my previous article, I described tips to conduct a successful site visit when you invest in property. But knowing and doing are two very different things. Even though you now have the tools to inspect an investment property like a pro, you may never do […]

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Investing in Property

Questions you must ask before investing in property, but probably won’t

Peace of mind comes from comprehensive, not compulsive, questioning In a recent article, I discussed how to assess a property investment in 10 minutes. Of course, that method is only the initial step in your due diligence. You’ll need to go much deeper to fully assess property investment opportunities. This means asking some difficult questions: […]

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