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Keep it simple with the property investment lifestyle ROI method

Make investment about what you want, not how much you want I suspect you’ve heard of ‘return on investment’. For some investors, this number becomes the be-all and end-all of their investment decision-making process. In this article, you’ll learn how to measure the success of your portfolio differently. This method really pinpoints how some of […]

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Investment Property

5 hidden costs of an investment property that you must not forget

Remember these costs to assess a property’s real income potential When considering a residential investment property opportunity, beginner investors often get so excited about the rental income potential that they fail to fully allow for the costs associated with a property. Sure, you will remember to include the costs of professional investment property management. And […]

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Investment Property

24 questions to confirm the rental value of an investment property

Before you invest, make sure you know a property’s rental income When you are conducting your due diligence, you must discover how much your investment property is likely to make in rental income. If your property doesn’t produce the rent you expect, you’re going to have to either subsidise it or sell it: property investment […]

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Major investment and regeneration – the lifeblood of long-term property investment success

How do you know it is real regeneration? In a previous article, I posted some questions that you should ask before you invest in property covering an area’s history and four of its current property fundamentals (shops, schools, transport, and major employers). Getting the answers to those few questions will help you assess the area’s […]

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Example research questions to ask before you invest in property

Research – the foundation of successful investment property portfolios Research is the foundation on which successful property investment sits. Just like when you build a house on sand, if you build a portfolio without properly researching property investment opportunities first it will crumble, fall down, lose value, and cost you money.

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Birmingham Property Investment

Why investors should be peeing their pants with excitement about Birmingham property

Regeneration and a forward-looking council are driving business and residential growth I think it was Julia Roberts, in Pretty Woman, who said she was so excited that she was “peeing her pants”. Or something like that. Anyway, whatever it was that she said exactly, it’s how I feel about property investment in Birmingham right now.

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Orpington Property Investment

Orpington property: a home run for investors, buyers, and renters

Rent, rent-to-let, buy, or buy-to-rent: all options are open in Orpington With property prices in London seemingly at a plateau, house buyers and property investors are looking elsewhere for opportunity. We think that opportunity is Orpington property. It’s a place that is within easy reach of work and play and saves homeowners (and renters) a […]

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Property Investment

Searching for the perfect property could cost thousands

Invest in property at the perfect time instead One of the biggest limiters to successful property investment at the outset is the ‘need’ to find the ‘perfect property’. It’s going to be hard enough to find a property that meets the stringent criteria needed for success, and passes through the property investment research framework, without […]

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