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If your accountant can’t answer this about property investment, don’t hire them!

10 questions you must ask when you’re a limited company investing in property You’re thinking about setting up as a limited company to invest in property. You’ve done your research and discovered that you could be much better off by doing so. And to save an incredible amount of tax, you’ve found out that setting […]

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7 questions to ask before incorporating to invest in property

Incorporation considerations you must discuss If you’re considering investing in property as a limited company rather than as a personal name, you could increase your profits by doing so. And the costs of setting up as a limited company are surprisingly low. However, before you rush to incorporate to invest, you should seek advice. You’ll […]

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How much does it cost to set up a limited company to invest in property?

Weigh up the costs of incorporation to assess the real tax benefits If you’re a higher rate taxpayer, you could increase your property investment profits as a limited company.  Partly, this is because all your mortgage interest payments can be offset against your rental income for tax purposes. This has the effect of reducing your […]

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The pros and cons of investing in property in your personal name

With the tax changes on buy-to-let, it’s no longer an easy decision There are two major ways to invest in residential property in the UK: as a limited company or as a personal investor. Because of the changes to property tax, particularly to how mortgage interest tax relief is changing, many investors are considering setting […]

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What property investors can learn from DIY homeowners

Worthwhile advice from a UK insurer What do bank holidays mean to you? A day by the seaside? Quality time with family? A session on the river bank, hunting that elusive record roach? A romantic weekend away? According to new research, almost 4 in 10 homeowners plan their bank holiday weekends around DIY home maintenance. […]

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Here’s why Bedford should be on your property investment shortlist

When large businesses decide to invest, shouldn’t you? Investors have made a lot of money by purchasing buy-to-let properties in the commuter towns. Of all London’s commuter towns, Bedford has once more risen to the top of the pile for investment potential. It has flashed loud and bright on our radar as offering an exceptional […]

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