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Pump up your property investment profits by acting like a professional

The before, during and after essentials of property investment The objective of investing in property is to benefit from the potential capital gains and rental income that a buy-to-let investment could produce. It’s this money that will transform your life. It’s going to provide the finances to pay for the lifestyle you desire. It never […]

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Your introduction to property investment risk and mitigation

Risk is what you make it when you invest in property Once you have decided on your lifestyle goals, the return on investment you need to achieve them, and your risk profile, you’ll be in a much better place to decide how property investment can help you achieve your ambitions. This was the theme of […]

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Aligning your goals, ROI, and risk when you invest in property

Know yourself to decide on your investment In the first part of this series of articles discussing how to set your investment goals as an investor, you learned how the mechanics of ROI make property investment so attractive. In that article, you will have read how property is different from other investment assets because of […]

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Bedford’s regeneration provides prime property investment potential

A masterplan developed for residential property opportunity Bedford’s regeneration has begun. It promises to transform Bedford town centre and its surrounding areas. There will be new developments providing homes, jobs, and retail, determined by the needs and opportunities set out in the Bedford Borough Local Plan 2035 and detailed in the Transforming Bedfordshire – One […]

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13 tips to increase your rental income and reduce void periods

A baker’s dozen of buy-to-let advice for investors worried about getting tenants Congratulations! You’ve decided to invest in property. Take it from a seasoned property investor, simply making the decision to buy UK property has shifted you into a higher gear when it comes to creating the lifestyle you deserve. But you still have concerns. […]

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7 capital growth indicators to make a savvy property investment

Let the numbers do the talking to prove an area’s profit potential When you buy a home, you’ll probably consider all the emotional factors that you must ignore as a property investor. Great views from your bedroom window. Friendly neighbours. The property’s windows, and the aspect of the front door.

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