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Property Investment

What Would A Demi God Do If They Ran the Country?

Video Transcription:  Hey guys. So, today’s Property Rant’s got a little bit of difference. So, I’m here dressed as Maui, the demigod, at the request of my daughter, my two-year-old daughter. It’s Halloween and, of course, I’m thinking I’m getting dressed up as a Halloween character and anyway, I’m here as Maui because she loves “Moana”. […]

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Holiday Let

Online sites that help you let your holiday let

What holiday let rental websites could you use to maximise global exposure As a holiday let investor, your main aim is likely to be to make a decent return on your investment. Like buy-to-let property investment, the return is made by a combination of capital gain and rental income. One of the key differences between […]

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Holiday Home Investment

Holiday Home Investments #2 Leisure Industry

 Previous: #1 Introduction               Next: #3 Tax Benefits  Video Transcription:  Hey guys, so let’s talk about holiday home investments. Let’s talk about the leisure industry, so the actual… Now, when we talk about a leisure industry, if you do Google searching and think, you know, when you’re doing your research and you’re […]

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Holiday Let Property

Is holiday let property a good investment?

The profit potential and tax advantages of a brick-and-mortar staycation investment Buy-to-let property investors have been put under some pressure over the last couple of years. The UK government has seemed hell-bent on making life difficult, with regulatory and property tax changes denting income potential. Such changes include a reduction in mortgage interest tax relief […]

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Property Investment

How property investments changed a child’s life

Could misinformation sway you and UK house prices? Last week we took a call from new clients who wanted to explore the 3+1 Plan. They had made an investment into property almost 20 years ago, and that one investment had changed their child’s life. Now they wanted to do something for themselves. They wanted to […]

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Investing in Manchester

7 reasons to invest in Manchester property before 2019

Affordable property with high rental yields in a growing city Offering high rates of capital growth and exceptional rental yields, Manchester is one of the UK’s stand-out locations for buy-to-let property investment. It benefits from a strong local economy, high population growth, and all-round appeal as a place to live. Here are seven reasons you […]

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Manchester Property Investment

Manchester: a world-class city for foreign direct investment and property investors

When businesses want to invest, so should you There has been much made of an impending collapse in foreign direct investment (FDI) into the UK since the EU Referendum. Yet, independent research continues to pour scorn on such forecasts. The latest to do so is IBM, the global IT giant headquartered in the United States. […]

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