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4 reasons Manchester is an incredible place to invest in property

When businesses and people love a city, property investors should, too When I first started investing in property, it was because it made such good sense to do so. Control over your investment, great rental income, fantastic capital gains and the benefits from leveraging are among the reasons why investing in property beats all other […]

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How to calculate breakeven and forecast profit on holiday let

Easy maths to assess how good a holiday let investment is As a holiday let property investor, your objectives will be to make enough profit to fund your investment and create the lifestyle you desire. Your first financial hurdle will be to hit breakeven – the point at which your rental income is enough to […]

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Lambeth Property Investment

Lambeth Property Investment Guide

Regeneration and gentrification are behind South London’s most impressive transformation Lambeth has roughly equal amounts of residential and office space so it’s a perfect place to live and work. Many companies are now attracted to the area due to the lower rentsthatLambeth offers while still being an inner city borough within easy reach of central […]

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Property Investment

Why Estate Agents Will Trash Your Investment Decision!

Video Transcription:  Hi, guys. So I just wanna deal with one of the offline questions that we get quite regularly, which is, you know, “You sold me a property and now, it’s overpriced, because I spoke to a local agent, and they said they can get it cheaper.” And it’s like of course, they’re gonna say […]

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Holiday Let

Strategies to boost year-round income from holiday let properties

How to maximise your income when others are scratching their heads The profit you make from any property investment depends on the strategy you use to maximise its potential. This includes holiday let property. It amazes me how many holiday let properties I see that are empty for so many weeks of the year. That’s […]

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Holiday Home Investment

Is it time to invest in the booming UK holiday let property market?

With stellar growth, holiday let investors have never had it so good The holiday let market is booming in the UK. The decrease in the value of the pound has made the UK more attractive for foreign visitors. It has also made staycations more popular – the pound in your pocket doesn’t buy as much […]

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Buying Off Plan Property

What does a solicitor do when you buy off-plan property?

Off-plan property contracts are complex documents Buying off-plan property is very different to buying existing property. There will be staged payments, and complex provisions, terms, and clauses in an off-plan property contract. You’ll need a solicitor to go through the fine print. Do-it-yourself conveyancing isn’t an option. In this post, I look at some of the […]

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How retirement income options stack up against buy-to-let property

The 3+1 Plan in action as a retirement income plan If you’re like most people in the UK today, your retirement income options will be limited. According to a poll of 100 MPs in 2014, almost 20% believe that the state pension will be extinct in 30 years. When this does happen, most people will […]

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