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Boost your holiday let profits by being clever with your costs

Cost-saving strategies to increase profits and improve your lifestyle Using strategies to maximise your holiday let income and boost year-round income aren’t the only ways to increase your profits. You can improve your bottom line by hundreds, if not thousands, simply by being savvy with your costs, spending money more wisely, and ensuring you take […]

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Are you getting hoodwinked by Brexit?

Video Transcription:  Hi, guys. So just keeping on the Brexit theme, I wanted to sort of give a little bit of my perspective on things. Because I think when you’re caught up in the whole thing of Brexit, and you’re caught up in what’s happening and what’s going on, you can get really engrossed in all […]

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Brett Alegre-Wood lends a hand to a University Student with his assignment about Woolwich SE18 Investment.

Besides recording videos about property, one of the regular things, our Chairman Brett does, is provide comments to journalists, helps authors get their books out, and uni students with their assignments. Here’s his latest Q&A about Woolwich investment and the changes that he’s seen over the past 8 years of selling there.   1.Do you […]

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6 Reasons you should buy investment property in Leeds

The potential for profit from property here is immense. Here’s why. The UK needs to build 300,000 new homes each year to keep up with the demand for housing. In the 12 months to June 2018, recent new home building records were broken. Property developers applied for 235,000 energy performance certificates for new homes – […]

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Why there will be no referendum! Brexit Rant

Video Transcription:  Hey, guys. So I just wanna chat about my thoughts on the second referendum, and in any shape or form. Because I think the problem is, we think that it’s a straight up, let’s have a referendum. Yes. Are we in or are we out, virtually the same as we did before. Are we […]

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Simple strategies to maximise your holiday let property income

Things you can do to get five-star reviews and more bookings When you invest in a holiday let property, you’ll want to maximise income by having your property let out for as many weeks as possible. After doing the hard work of finding the best location and property, and ensuring that your numbers stack up […]

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