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Tenant Fee Ban

Tenant Fee Ban – How it really affects UK Property Investors

The Tenant Fee Ban is on every agent’s lips and although for landlords they may be blissfully unaware that their costs are about to rise. Can the market rise rents in time? Will the costs be passed back to the tenants? Effortless Property Investment… Done For You! Video Transcription: Hey guys, Brett Alegre-Wood here, chairman of YPC and […]

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London Property Prices

Get ready for a Brexit bounce in London property prices

Why London prices may rise, and where Property investors should be preparing now for a bounce in London property prices when the UK leaves the EU. This is what several experts are now predicting for the London property market, with almost three years of experience of Brexit uncertainty behind us. In this article we examine […]

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Manchester Property

Manchester – an economy that is pumping property investment potential

Economic and residential growth is here to stay Earlier this year, we published an article asking if Manchester property investment could be the story of 2018. In that article, we highlighted the following: Expansion of development across the city Delivery of property for all tenant types The masterplan that promises premier league property development Collaboration […]

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Birmingham Property Investment

How can you profit from property investment in Birmingham?

4 steps to take advantage of Birmingham’s potential Birmingham is a city with huge appeal to its residents. It offers some amazing shopping, great restaurants and bars, and a fantastic nightlife. It’s a city with a rapidly growing and young population, and five universities supporting the education of 65,000 students. With a diverse and growing […]

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Liverpool Property Investment

Low prices, high yields, and a bright future for property investment in Liverpool

It’s green for ‘go’ in this Premier League city Think of Liverpool and you may likely think of The Beatles and the Merseybeat that reshaped the music world in the early 1960s. You may think of Liverpool FC, one of the world’s most famous football clubs and winner of five European Cups/Champions’ Leagues. You may […]

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Birmingham Property Investment

Why Brexit doesn’t matter for property investors in Birmingham

Forget Brexit, follow the fundamentals I know you’re probably all fed up of Brexit by now (I know I am), but I have to say that one thing that I’ve found so ridiculous about the whole conversation around the subject is the forecasts of doom when (or should that be if?) Brexit finally does happen: […]

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Overseas Property Investment

Is now the time for overseas investors to buy London property?

As Brexit nears, can you afford to miss out on the currency advantage? One of the most common questions I’m asked by overseas investors is if now is the right time to buy London property. It’s looking increasingly like it is. Foreign investors may never get such an opportunity again, though the investing window is […]

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