Property Investment Strategy

Investment opportunities – below market value property strategy: Portfolio B

How to get the most from BMV property

It’s a fact of all investment opportunities that sometimes prices will go down. I’ve personally seen it in my own portfolio and if you’re honest you’ll have seen it in your own portfolios as well. The important thing is that we are realistic and take decisive action – even if this action is to sit and wait until the market returns.

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Premium perfume and the odour of investment risk

Does it smell of risk

Just watching a great TV show that looks at the crash in the financial system that we have just been through. It’s called “The City Uncovered” with Evan Davies and I found it a very accurate and honest account of why it all happened. In essence, they used an old trader saying to explain why it happened.

‘Never let the perfume of the premium overpower the odour of the risk’.

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Property Investment Tips

Bankruptcy and property portfolio lessons

More affordable property

I had a good weekend with an offer being accepted at half the asking price on a property we were looking at. I also look at how the property is becoming much much more affordable to buy now that prices have dropped.

Good news if you are looking to jump back in the market but were concerned about your income. We also look at the spike in interest in property in the UK and how this is not leading to sales because of mortgage availability and affordability.

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Property Experts

Property Experts – Who are they really?

Look for age not properties,

I bet you all remember the joke definition of expert: “X is an unknown quantity and expert is a drip under pressure” – which means that an “expert” is an “unknown drip under pressure”.

James and I had lunch today at Hakkasan (a fabulous Michelin star Chinese restaurant) with one of our brokers and she told us the tale of a “property expert” who was now living overseas after his property company had fallen over in 2008. The story goes that he had acquired over 100 properties in a short space of time but foolishly failed to plan for rising interest, had fallen behind in payments and had not been able to maintain the portfolio. In the end, he was made bankrupt and moved overseas.

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Property Investment News

Property price drops 2009: expert predictions

Property price predictions

Welcome back to 2009 and my weekly investment news update. I’ve just spent the past 3 weeks in Spain escaping the worst of the UK weather – but I’m back now refreshed and ready to bring you property news every week.

OK so let’s look at this weeks property investment news update.

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UK Property Investment

Property Investment Guide – The 18-year property cycle

18-Year Cycle

I spent the weekend reading every manner of different theory about what will happen in property this year. It was interesting to say the least.

One of the theories that caught my eye was the 18-year Property Cycle. It claims to apply to the last 232 years of history and works on the basis that there is a recession every 18 years exactly and that it lasts for four years leaving the other 14 years for growth. As with most property market theories, it’s based on the idea that wages and property prices are linked and that when property prices get too high they inevitably come tumbling down.

A number of websites have been swearing by it and interestingly, an equal number have been disputing it.

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