Investment News – Property developers are out of stock

Investment News

Well, it appears that we’ve reached the tipping point in the property market.

Developers out of stock

A number of our developers are now completely out of stock. This is not an isolated case; many of our developers are at critically low levels or have simply run out. The means that everything they sell will need to be built and in most cases they will only build once they have an exchange in place. It further reinforces my theory that we’ve “turned the corner” in terms of property prices at the middle and lower end of the market.

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Investment News – Why property prices have the team smiling


Investment News – Our team received some happy news

I was chatting with the team the other day discussing the investment opportunities that they have been buying up in a frenzy most of it at around 30%-50% off 2007 prices almost 20 properties in the past 4 months! I did a quick calculation to show the team just how much money some of them will make the next 5 years and suffice to say we’ll have some very happy team members by the time that 2014 comes around.

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UK Property Investment News

Property Investment News – Property development market: stock is drying up

Property Investment News – Stock Drying up,

This week’s the UK and International Property Investment News update is our first outside broadcast brought to you directly from the snow drift outside our offices in Islington. Only half the office made it in today, so we had a bit of fun playing in the snow. You’ll see the results at the end of the video (hint: look for the YPC Snowman).

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buy-to-let loan-to-values

Property Investment News – Extortionate buy-to-let LTVs at 70% max

70% LTV Max!

It seems ridiculous, but it looks like buy-to-let loan-to-values are going to drop to a maximum of 70% within the next few weeks as Birmingham Midshires (part of the HBOS group) is taken over by Lloyds. Lloyds’ maximum loan-to-value on buy to let property is currently only 70%

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Property Investment News – Bank bailout

Property Investment News – Bank Bailout

Welcome to this week’s investment news update and before I forget ‘Happy Australia day!’

This week, it’s a bank bailout special, and I’ll be devoting this week’s property investment news update to the subject of bailouts. What exactly is a bailout, who’s behind them, and what do they hope to achieve? Did the previous one work? Will the new one work? What are the implications if it doesn’t?

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