Ashford Kent Transport Links To Keep You Extraordinarily Connected to the Rest of UK

It’s an interesting time – while other areas are waning off,  Ashford is about to enjoy the biggest boom and expansion of this time thanks to its superb connectivity and transport links. Home of  UK’s first high speed rail link, better known as the Channel Tunnel Rail Link, Ashford is a strategic terminus, carrying passengers and freight between the UK and continental Europe.  Ashford might also be the only place in the UK where you can be door to door to Paris in little over 2 hours! Ashford Kent Transport Links is one the area's highlight points making it a prime location hotspot for serious property investment.

Its excellent road communications with the M20 provides direct access to London and the national motorway network in the north via the M25. Today, it has become Kent’s #1 business location and its quick rail links into London – 29mins to Stratford International and 36 mins to St Pancras – have made it one of the UK’s top places for serious property investment.

It wasn't always like this for this market town. It’s been a bumpy ride at times since then with the recession and a faltering housing market, the seeds of change, of course, were sown over a decade ago with the inception of the high-speed train service to making trip to London just 38 minutes and the continent, Paris in under two hours. Ashford Borough Council did the smart move to hold on to its nerve and kept true to its vision of turning this one-upon-a-time modest market town into a burgeoning business hub and vibrant urban community.  Over £2.5 billion is being invested into the town, transforming the infrastructure, housing, leisure and retail facilities.

Drastic Developments Since the Dawn of HS1

Two decades down the line since HS1 opened, the service is now luring a steady flow of London property buyers eager to take advantage of Ashford’s attractive house prices and superb transport links.  As confidence has streamed back into the property investment market in East Kent, there is a continuous interest in HS1 from buyers and property investors. The train is a constant in many concerns, especially from people looking to move into the area and with a need or interest in travelling into London regularly. It is no wonder that HS1 is a key factor for property buyers in the area.

 Over the years, there is a stream of more people who may only need access to London on an irregular basis, from self-employed professionals working mainly from home, to students, concert musicians, television producers and advertising executives, as well as the newly retired keen to tap into London's culture.

HS1 in Ashford Kent Transport Links has been a massive enticement for serious property buyers. Having a clean, efficient train service that can get into the heart of London in 38 minutes provides a real alternative to people who previously thought they needed to endure stuffy tube journeys from overpriced London properties.

Ashton property investors are either people who cannot or do not want to pay London prices. Of course the returns here are much higher and there is less risk given the recent reports of a dangerous property price bubble in London. Buyers are certainly surprised what they can get for their money.

Achieve Better Work-Life Balance With Ashford Kent Transport Links

Londoners and others view Ashford as a place where a better work-life balance is achievable, thanks to the shorter commute time offered by HS1. On effect high speed rail has had on house prices, unlike many surrounding towns, Ashford is growing rapidly so ordinarily this would increase supply and have a negative impact on prices. Despite this, demand is still strong so prices are climbing. The overall effect however is that Ashford remains affordable.

The high level of investment and development in the town at present, supported by the local council’s pro-growth policies and Ashford Kent Transport Links, are also helping to keep demand high.

Today more than 80% of journeys from Ashford are now made on high-speed trains. 

Ashford is a one-time market town, military town and manufacturing centre that has developed fast in recent decades as it takes advantage of this . It has a fast-growing population and there have been many new build housing developments which have greatly expanded the town. Ashford is a popular place to buy or rent for those who need to travel around Kent and go to and from London as they take advantage of the superb Ashford Kent Transport Links.

The last 5 years have seen extensive investment in Ashford Kent to create a community befitting of its international connections, 10,000 new job opportunities and a new-look town with new cultural, residential and commercial quarters. All coming together to bolster Ashford's growing stature, a magnet for students, young professionals, business and industry.

A prime example of a development in the area is The Triangle. 

Now’s the perfect time to get on the property ladder on the outskirts of the metropolis.

Read more about our Ashton Kent Property Investment Hotspot series below or if you’re interested in running through our local Ashton new build developments chat with the team on 02079236100 or book a time.

Brett Alegre-wood
August 26, 2021

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