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5 Ways for making money from property in the UK

Profitable property investment strategies for all investors Making money from property is one of the most satisfying ways of investing. And there are many strategies that you could use to do so. In this article, we describe five of the most popular. 1.    Long-term buy-to-let property investment When you purchase buy-to-let property, you are investing […]

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How to build a property portfolio and benefit from BTL rentals

To be a successful investor, think like an investor I’m often asked how I achieved the success as a property investor. People assume that I am some sort of whizz-kid with a natural flair for picking the right properties for capital gains and rental income. They assume that I was somehow born with the know-how to build […]

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How property investment could unlock the retirement lifestyle you desire

How will you be able to afford to retire? Property investment is increasing in popularity. With figures showing that most people are hopelessly underfunded for retirement, and traditional pension options paying too little to make a difference, people realise that a smarter retirement investment is needed. For most, this means investing in property.

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How to take advantage of the best property investment opportunities

Eight steps to ensure success in buy-to-let property Investment opportunities are plentiful. Not all are good, but when you buy in the best places to invest in property UK, you’ll benefit from the confidence that is growing in a strong buy-to-let market. Just how do you make a great buy-to-let investment, and benefit from long-term […]

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Off Plan Property – Why is the premium so high?

Off plan property – are you better off? Before investing it is important that you conduct specific off plan research, especially if you’re new to off-plan property investment. You might question the valuation that developers place on their new build properties; it’s easy to rush to the conclusion that the premium over other property prices in the area […]

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Property investors see investments grow in booming Manchester

Manchester, the second capital of the UK ­Manchester is referred to as the UK’s second capital thanks to its booming economy, and the city is an attractive alternative for young professionals priced out of London. In fact, Manchester has become so attractive, 54,000 people moved here since 2009, and it’s estimated another 96,000 will live in Manchester by 2024.

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